(From the Dayton, Oh 1928 City directory)

November 3, 1972
Buffalo Courier Express
"Earl B Richardson, of Westfield, came to Old Home Week in Silver Creek in 1908, and didn't return.  The little restaurant - on - wheels he had built and hauled into town was so popular, he stayed with the business."

  Earl B. Richardson opened up his lunch car in Silver Creek in 1912.  In 1921 he started manufacturing lunch cars.  In late 1923, he leased out a plant in order to build the lunch cars under cover.  Two months later, the plant caught on fire and burnt down.   A year and a year and a half later, Mr. Richardson died.  The article in the "Grape Belt & Chautauqua Farmer", states that 26 lunch cars were built in his new factory on Hawkins St. during that year.
  After this, his son Raymond Richardson took control of the company.  A year later, the company moved to Dayton, Ohio in an attempt to tap into a market that previously had little contact with the dining car; the midwest.  Unfortunately, by 1929, the company was not in business.

   Newspaper articles and blurbs help a great deal in tell some of the story of these dining car companies.  Especially the Richardson Dining Car Co.  Previous to my research, people just thought of this company as another company that tried to follow in Ward & Dickinson's footsteps.  And how wrong that is!  Following Albert Closson, Earl Richardson is the reason we have Ward & Dickinson and Mulholland and the other smaller companies.  These newspaper articles help to show that of all the Silver Creek lunch car companies, it was Richardson that sold, by far, the most lunch cars to local citizens.
    So, if you're interested in just Richardson articles, you can check out the Richardson articles page.   Or, you can go back to the main dining car companies page  And scroll down, on the left side, to check out all three local Silver Creek newspapers.  These papers contain small blurbs, some of which refer to people purchasing Richardson built lunch cars. Also, the Ward & Dickinson page has a link to articles specific to their company. 
  If you are just interested in the lunch cars built by the Richardson concern, just scroll down to the bottom of the page. All of these diners/lunch cars have been verified to be Richardson's by newspaper mentions.  If you're interested in lunch cars built by the other companies and the unsure lunch cars, then click on that link.

1925 - Silver Creek News

The manufacture of dining cars, in Silver Creek has become one of the main industries during the past year. The Pioneer builder Mr Earl Richardson,  formerlv of Westfield, N.Y. started building dining cars in the yards of Madigan Lumber Company. The business picked up with such speed  that it was necessary to build a factory which could handle the orders. This plant was built close to the depot in account of loading the building material A concrete building was erected about 80x30, complete with the latest wood working niachinery.  The new car recently installed to replace the old one which has been in Central Avenue near Main Street for the past few years, is the last word in dining car elegance. During the last year cars have been made in the Richardson Dining Car factory and sold to the following parties:

Byron Legters, Pen Yan, N.Y.
George Dickinson, Newark, N.Y.
Sullivan & Emmiger, Buffalo, N.Y. - 821 Abbott
Anthony Siefert, Erie, Pa  - unknown address
Joe Muscato, Franklin, Pa.
Charles Tiedeman Erie, Pa  - 712 Peach
Howard Clute, Ravenna, Ohio
Neil Paul, Belleview, Ohio
Ed Root, Galion, Ohio.
C. E. Hofer, Falconer, N.Y.
Harold Huer, Warsaw, N.Y.
H. Smith, North Tonawanda, N.Y.
George Shultz, Buffalo, N.Y. -  unknown address
Harry Hotchkiss, Fredonia, N.Y.
H. Jackle, Ashtabula, Ohio
S. Neebuhr, Conneaut, 0hio
Geo Dietzen, Painesville, Ohio
Wm. Martin, Greenville, Pa
Ted Graf, Warren, Pa.
R. Philps, Hamburgh, N.Y.
George Smith, Corry, Pa.
Chas. Haviland, Wellsville N.Y. - moved to Bolivar
A. G. Wasmund, Wesleyville, Pa.
Clem J. Yonk, Bryan, Ohio.
Jack Frost, Springville, N. Y.

Lunch Cars by Richardson
[ NOTE: Only cars that can be verified as Richardson's. ]

Courtesy the Hanover Historical Center, Silver Creek, NY

1921 Harrington & Phillips in Hamburg, NY 
(this was first car built)  
July 1922 Yonk Dining Car in unknown location.
    bought back by E. B. Richardson
July 1922 Cook Dining Car in unknown location
    bought back by E. B. Richardson
May 1923 Henry O. Smith in Niagara Falls, NY 
   replaced with car built by National in 5/27
June 1923  William Martin in unknown location, may be Greenville, PA
January 1924 Howard Chapman, Charles Hoeffner in Falconer, NY 
   Chapman to Hoeffner in 8/24
 Walter Carr in 10/25
William Eldredge & Lorenzo Carr by 1928
April 1924 Sheldon & Fred Neebuhr in Conneaut, Oh until 1935
May 1924 Mr & Mrs. Roy Payne & Mr. Carr in Wesleyville, Pa 
    Arthur Wasmond & Howard Manning. in 8/24
Arthur Wasmond to Walter Wasmond in 4/25
Earl Vender 1928
Thomas O'Donnell 1933
Paul F. Sperry 1941
William D Parker 1943
 May 1924  H.H. Huer & Bock in Warsaw, NY
Mr & Mrs Harry Gless of Jamestown & Mrs. Elizabeth Farley of Le Roy 7/28/1927
Mr Jess Ballard 10/22/1931
Nov 1924 Charles Tiedemann & Caitlin (or Callen) in Erie, PA
Jesse & John L. Schoos 1926
replaced by Ward & Dickinson
Nov 1924 Howard Clute in Ravenna, Oh
William J. Schaer through at least 1932-1939
Leo Joseph 1942
Paul R. Few 1946
Edward & Paul Jr. Stukovsky 1948-1957+
Oct 1924 Hawkins & Trask Wellsville, NY
to Haviland, to Phillips & Walker Bolivar, NY

Feb 1925 Earl Richardson in Silver Creek, NY to 5/15/26. 
Demonstration car
  C. J Yonks then
  Harrington Bros. 
 April 1925  George Dickinson in Newark, NY
April 1925 Byron Legters in Penn Yan, NY to [Galion dining car model]
Carol Bond in 4/26 
April 1925 Joseph Muscato in Franklin, Pa 
   to William Martin in 8/25
 to William Smith in late 1926.
May 1925 Mrs. Frank Kahabka in Kenmore, NY
June 1925 Truman Newton in unknown location
August 1925 Mr. & Mrs. Alex Sullivan in Buffalo, NY 
   * - Sullivan's diner is listed as a Richardson in a newspaper and as a Ward & Dickinson in their ledger.
 ?  unknown in either Clarion or Clearfield, PA
October 1925Lynn Wheeler in Dansville, NY
Fern Fullingham 7/19/1927
Clifford & Charles Perry 4/22/1948
1926 Donald Weed & Raymond Richardson, Wyandotte, MI

Wyandotte, MI.