Source: Silver Creek Times
Date: Oct, 18, 1923

William Jones is night clerk at Rich lunch car.

Source: Silver Creek Times
Date: Nov 8, 1923

E. B. Richardson Leases Old Columbia Plant.

  E. B. Richardson, who drove into town with a lunch wagon several years ago, thinking he might stay for a day or two, and who has been with us ever since, has leased the old plant of the Columbia Postal Supply Company at 4 Porter avenue.  He will build lunch wagons under cover and dispose of them as fast as they are completed, just as he has been doing for some time past.
  W. J. Hilbrand, who is refinishing autos and furnature at the same address, will continue to do so having sub-leased from Mr. Richardson.
  This plant, which was formerly used by the Columbia Postal Supply Company, and which is still owned by them, is no longer needed, as the Columbia Company is not manufacturing as extensively as formerly.  Columbia postmarking machines are installed for the most part, on a rental basis: and while very little manufacturing is called for at the present time, the business is more voluminous than it ever was, due to many years' accumulation of rental contracts.
  Richardson is an asset to the community, and his many friends will wish him continued and even greater success in his chosen field.

Source: Silver Creek Times
Date: Jan 31, 1924

Old Columbia Shop Burns

  Mr. Earl Richardson occupied a part of the building for the construction of his famous lunch wagons.  Richardson's property was covered by insurance, as fortunately for him as well as the insurance company a completed wagon was sent away from the place only about a week before the fire. ...

Source: Silver Creek Times
Date: Jan 31, 1924

  Earl Richardson completed a fine new car for Howard Chapman & Charles Hoeffner recently.  They will take it to Falconer, NY [suburb of Jamestown]

FOLLOWUP: August 21, 1924

  Chapman sold interest to Hoeffner

Source: Silver Creek Times
Date: June 11, 1925

  Earl B. Richardson (obit)

  Earl B. Richardson died at the General Hospital Buffalo, Sunday morning at one o'clock following an operation for appendicitis, age 52 years.  He leaves a Wife and one son Raymond and one daughter Doris of Westfield.  His body was taken to Westfield where the funeral was held Wednesday.  He was a member of the I.O.O.F. The Masons and The Moose.  Mr. Richardson was the proprieter of the Rich Dining Car on Central Ave. and was the builder of Dining Cars.

Source: Grape Belt & Chautauqua Farmer
Date: June 9, 1925


Earl B. Richardson succumbs following  operation in Buffalo Hospital.

  Silver Creek, June 9 - Earl B. Richardson, for the past thirteen years a resident of Silver Creek, passed away early Sunday morning at the General Hospital, Buffalo.
Mr. Richardson, who has been ill since Thursday and was rushed to the hospital on Saturday did not survive the operation for appendicitis.
  The body has been taken to Westfield, his former home where lives his wife and two children, Raymond, 23 years and Doris, 19.
  Mr. Richardson who was 52, years of age occupied an improtant place in the business life of the village.  He has sucessfully operated a lunch car here for thirteen years and during the past four years, has manufactured lunch cars, building at his new factory on Hawkins Street, twenty-six cars this past year.
Besides this, Mr. Richardson has helped many young men in a business way and assisted in giving an education to several of the young people.  He was very popular with the business men and a member of the Moose, Odd Fellows and Masonic Lodges.

Source: Silver Creek Times
Date: June 25, 1925

  Resolutions of Respect

  In memory of Brother E. B. Richardson who died June 7, 1925.
  Once again death has summoned a Brother Odd Fellow, and the golden gateway to the Eternal City has opened to welcome him to his home.  He has completed his work in the wants of the afflicted, in shedding light into darkened souls and in bringing joy in the places of misery, and as his reward has received the plaudit. "well done," from the Supreme Master.
  And Whereas, the all-wise and merciful Master of the universe has called our beloved and respected brother home, and he having been a true and faithful member of our beloved Order, therefore be it Resolved, That The Charter of Silver Creek Lodge No. 682, I.O.O.F. of Silver Creek N.Y., in testimony of her loss, be draped in mourning order to the family of our deceased for thirty days and that we tend??ed brother our sincere condolence in their deep affliction and that a copy of these resolutions be sent to the family.

R.E. Patterson, James Myers, Harry Losand

Source: Silver Creek Times
Date: Dec 17, 1925

  Who's Who in Silver Creek

  We would be guilty of a grave omission in writing a community "Who's Who" of Silver Creek, if we failed to include the Rich Dining Car Company, the original manufacturers of Dining Cars in the country, and one of the important industrials on this section.  Their cars are of solid oak construction, built for wear and service, and include every known facility for compactness, sanitation and convenience that can be used to advantage in a dining car.  In the working out of "Service" these manufacturers have not lost sight of the point of attractiveness, and take just pride in the beauty of appearance, both inside and out, of their product.  From a small start, and a big idea, many years ago, this business has progressed, until they are now recognized for the high class quality of their cars all through the country.   Their demonstration Dining Car on Central Avenue, proves its popularity, by the unusual number of people who patronize it every day and enjoy the appetizing foods served there.  Its ten months of service in the home town demonstrates its qualifications for service and popularity, as well as the certainty of its profitable operations, to a degree that is most convincing.  The Richardson manufacturers have always been interested in the welfare of Silver Creek community, and have never missed an opportunity to prove the value of true friendliness.  What year was the Rich Car Company organized?  Where is the first Dining Car made now located?

A:  1921 and Hamburg, NY

Source: Silver Creek Times
Date: April 6, 1926

C.J. Yonk of Bryan, Ohio will take posession of the Richardson dining car on or about May 15th.

  C. J. Yonk of Bryan Ohio, will take posession of the Richardson dining car on or about May 15th.
  Mr. Yonk was a former resident of Silver Creek and was then proprieter of the Hotel powers.
  Mr. Yonk is building a 12 x 12 foot fire proof kitchen in the read of his car and will install a modern cooking equipment.  He has also improved the appearance of his dining car by changing the color from blue to white.
  Mr. Yonk is well and favorably known in Silver Creek and his many friends are glad he is to again locate here.

Source: Silver Creek Times
Date: May 27, 1926

  Lunch Car Company is Incorporated

  Silver Creek Men To Enter Dining Wagon Business--Capital--$25,000.

  The Rich Dining Car Company Inc., of Silver Creek has been incorporated by the state department to do a dining-lunch wagon business.  Capital stock is $25,000 consisting of shares of $50 each.  Directors, all of Silver Creek, and each taking one share of stock, are Raymond Richardson, Merle Richardson and Robert P. Galloway.

Source:  Silver Creek News.
Date:  August 19, 1926


As Others See and Favorably Comment on a Former Local Industrial Plant

  The Rich Dining Car company, Inc., located in factory M-25, Barney Smith shops, Keowee street and East Monument avenue, manufacturers of complete restaurants on wheels, is a newcomer in Dayton manufacturing circles.
  Abondoning its shops in Silver Creek, N.Y., which it maintained for a number of years, this organization, one of the foremost manufacturers in this country of dining cars, moved to Dayton July 15(1926).
  Skilled carpenters are building the first dining car in the organization's new home.  The vehicle is expected to be ready for shipment by August 15, marking the first dining car ever to be built in Dayton.
  Organized a number of years ago, as the Rich Dining Car company, with the late E.(Earl) B. Richardson as president, the concern ranked among the leading organizations of its kind in  the nation.  Office and factory were located in Silver Creek, N.Y., for a number of years.
  Hundreds of dining cars built by this concern are in use in numberous cities throughout the entire Atlantic and New England states.
  Following the death a year ago of E. B. Richardson, president of the Rich Dining Car company, the firm was reorganized and incorporated under the laws of the state of New York using the name of Rich Dining Car company, Inc.
  R. G. Richardson, son of the late E. B. Richardson, president and treasurer; M. W. Richardson, secretary; and L.A. Wilson, manager.
  Convinced that the eastern part of the country virtually was supplied with its quota of these model restaurants on wheels, the firm a short while ago decided to abandon its factories in Silver Creek, N.Y., and locate in Dayton.
  By July, virtually every piece of apparatus used in the construction of these dining cars had been moved from the New York state plants to this city.  A few days later expert carpenters began to assemble the first Dayton made dining car.
  Construction of other cars will follow in their order, according to Manager Wilson.
  The present working force of the Rich Dining Car company, Inc., consists of 12 experienced workers.  With the anticipated increase of business, the working, as well as office force will be increased accordingly.
- The Dayton Journal July 31, 1926

Source:  Dayton Daily Journal
Date:  October 25, 1926

Dining Car Firm Gets Out Booklet

"Richograms" is the title of a little booklet recently issued by the Rich Dining Car company, Monument avenue and Keowee street, manufacturers of lunch cars on wheels.  Some of the Richograms are:

"With a Rich dining car it is
not 'quick sales and small profit',
but 'quick sales and large profit.'"

"The man working on a salary
must make a profit for his em-
ployer.  Be your own boss and
take all the profit."

"Cars bought on the payment
plan pay for themselves."

"The initial cost of one of our
dining cars is the price of a cheap
automobile.  The monthly pay-
ments are no higher than pay-
ments on a good auto."

"A Rich car can make you rich."


Source:  Dayton Daily Journal
Date:  October 29, 1926

from 11/29/1926 Dayton Daily Journal classified ads:

is not a "lunch wagon", but a high class
restaurant on wheels.  Our
cars may be seen at 1075 E. Monu-
ment Ave., Dayton.

Source:  Dayton Daily Journal
Date:  November 14, 1926

from a 11/14/1926 Dayton Daily Journal article about the current occupants of the Barney & Smith car works....

Among the companies now operating in the factory center are the following:

     The Rich Dining Car company, which originated and is building portable dining cars which are proving to be popular eating establishments which may be easily moved from place to place.