Dining cars/diners built in the Lake Erie Region

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Here is the page for lunch cars built by some of the smaller concerns.  Remember, that to look at the list of Richardson, Closson and Ward & Dickinson dining cars, click on their name here.  Currently, we have no list for Bixler dining cars.
Also, we have just added a growing list of dining cars of which we are unsure of the make.  this includes a featured diner that will contain a picture and a little information.

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Featured Diner

Information supplied by : Jane Kelly, Local History Coordinator.  Williams County Public Library (Ohio)
 This dining car was located in Bryan, Ohio.  One of the former owners swears it is a "Ward Dining Car".  If it is a Ward Dining Car, that would mean it was one of three built behind the Kofoed garage before the company organized.  Also, the first and third are documented, so it would have to be the second.  I originally thought this to be a Richardson built car as it is similar to the Penn Yan Diner.  Anyhow, here is the history of the dining car :

  The dining car, operated from 1924 to 1955 by, in succession, Charles Yonk, Charles Johnson, Gerald Allison, Lowe Brothers, Charles and Hazel Stevens, Caromon Whitney and Herbert Salzman.

[  Location  First owner  ]
  • North East, Pa  Wasmond to Manning 
  • Greenville, PA Martin and Greenfield
  • Painesville, Oh  Dietzen
  • Angola, NY to Bellevue, Oh to ?,Ind Shattuck(Angola), Paul(Bellevue) 
  • Brocton, NY  George Dickinson to Manning
  • Perrysburg, NY  Stock, Slack & Walker  w&D
  • Ashtabula, Oh  Charles Haviland & Herman Jackel
  • Salamanca, NY Fox & Blanding (possibly the Cook lunch car)
  • Salamanca, NY Ed Comerford {lunch wagon}
  • Randolph, NY Akins - Sharpe
  • Allegany, NY
  • Niagara Falls, NY Al's Diner  -  w&D
  • Williamsville, NY  Wheeler Scumaker to Swartzman  W&D
  • Kenmore, NY  M. Harry More
  • Bryan, Oh  (see Featured Diner)  Richardson
  • Galion, Oh  Edward Root
  • Jamestown, NY  Harry Hammond & Robert Augrom W&D
  • Buffalo, NY   Mr & Mrs. Joseph O'Connors
  • Elwood City, PA   Ernest Blanding  W&D
  • Geneva, Oh  Harold Taylor
  • Medina, Oh  Bader Sharpe
  • Sharon, PA  Mr. & Mrs. Elmer Richardson W&D
  • Lancaster, NY
  • Gowanda, NY  C.U. Ubel [built in Silver Creek]  w&D
  • Buffalo(Ford Plant), NY  Loren Smith & Lucus 
  • Fredonia, NY Hotchins to Pitt & Lint w&D
  • Fredonia, NY
  • Buffalo, NY Charles Lyman
  • Unknown Loc  Albert Schultz - probably Angola, NY
  • Blasdell, NY Howard Ulrich
  • Albion, NY replaced by w&D both were w&D
  • Kendallville, Ind Fulk's lunch car
  • Kendallville, Ind lunch wagon
  • Kendallville, Ind Lawson's Diner