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Introduction - This is a list of diners that were once in Virginia, but have now been moved or demolished. If you know a diner on the list, or a diner that needs to be on the list, please send a comment to us by going to and posting a comment in the guestbook.

past diners

Tasley Diner - Tasley (Brill)
Piccadilly Diner - Winchester (O'Mahony Monarch)
Duff's Diner #2 - Winchester (Stainless Steel)
Streamliner Restaurant - Fairfax (Stainless Steel)
121 Church St. - Roanoke (O'Mahony)
Sam's Diner - south of Richmond (vertical flutes)
Richmond Belle Diner - Richmond (Stainless Steel)
Kitch-Inn Lunch Car - Charlottesville (1920s)
Gateway Diner, Rosslyn
Sunlite Diner, Covington (barrel roof)
Dixie Diner , Sperryville (trolley car)