Diners of the Capital District
Past & Present


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Dewey's Diner
45 Fuller Rd.
(518) 482-9406
M-F 7a-2p
Kullman 1940


Cy's Diner 322 Broadway, Kingston, NY
Irving & Morris Rubin 1940-1944 
James & Linda McCabe 1946-1955 
Chris Panteli 1956-1961 
Demetrious G. Evangelou 1962-1965

Dewey's Diner 45 Fuller Rd., Albany
Lillian Dewey-Mulligan 1965-1983
Gordon Dewey  1984-Today

History:   Came from Kingston, NY. Was known as Cy's Diner.  Cy's was a chain of diners in cities along the lower Hudson River run by the Rubin family.  The diner was moved to Fuller Rd. when the former Dewey's Diner, a regular building, burnt down around 1964.  Since then, the diner has been in the family, the whole time.

Alexis Diner
294 N Greenbush Rd.
(518) 286-2603
DeRaffele 1999


Alexis Diner
Alexi Lakkas 1999+

History: The diner is comprised of 13 modular units.

Route 7 Diner
1090 Troy Schenectady Rd
(518) 783-5129


Acropole Diner
Gus Gillas  1973 to 1978

Village Diner 
 Gus Gillas 1979 to 1980
  Wm. Avramidis 1983 to 1991+

Route 7 Diner

History:   Cam

Circle Diner
813 New Loudon Rd
(518) 785-3324
Kullman 1998


Circle Diner
Frank & Elena Purritano + Nick Thomas 1998+


Latham '76 Diner
722 New Loudon Rd.
(518) 785-3793


Latham Diner 
   Louis Urbano + Alex Loupessis  1973 1980

Latham 76 Diner
   Alex Loupessis 1983 1991+

History:   Became the Latham 76 Diner and Restaurant in 1987.  For awhile, the diner was called a Restaurant, until the term Diner came back into fashion again.

Wolf Rd Diner
219 Wolf Rd.
(518) 459-5214
Swingle 1973


Broadway Diner 563 Broadway, Menands
Theodore E. Sokaris 1973 to 1983 

Tiffany Diner 219 Wolf Rd
  John Cholakis 1983 to 1986 
James P. Googis (mgr)

Wolf Rd Diner
  Joseph Purtell (mgr) 1987 to 1990
Mrs Chris & Dennis Spathis 1991+

History:   This diner started out at the site of the current Menands Diner.  At this site, it was called the Broadway Diner.  Colonie Historian ____ related a story that there were disagreements involving the owners of the diner, and frequently, there would be broken windows. 
  The diner was moved to Wolf Rd. in eight sections in 1983. 

Farmer Boy Diner
1975 Central Ave.
(518) 456-2243
Su-Th 6a-11p
Fr-Sa 6a-2a


Maywood Diner
   Joseph Schmidt 5/1959 to 1963
Wilfred Gendron 8/1963 to 1964

Jacques of Maywood 

JG Diner 
   Joseph M. Gione 1966 

Underpass Diner 
  Alf N. Miller 1967 to 1968 

Elma's Diner 
   Mrs. Elma Shoemaker 1970 

Farmer Boy Diner 
   Peter Christou 1971 to 1977
  Demetrios "Jim" Michael &
Mike Euripidou 1978 to 1996+

History:   Diner was re-done around 1992.The original  O'Mahony came from Schenectady  across from General Electric.  This was replaced by an environmental diner which was replaced in 1992 by the current diner.

Capital City Diner
1709 Western Ave.
(518) 456-3876
DeRaffele 1997


Metro 20 Diner
Demetrios "Jim" Michael 1997 - 2009

Capital City Diner

History:   Cam

East Greenbush Diner
751 Columbia Tpke.
(518) 477-8483


East Greenbush Diner
Steve Panagopoulos 1977 - 1986+


Canal Street Station
US RT 20. Duanesburg
Silk City 1940


Route 9 & 20 Diner
   Harold Hallenbeck 11/1940 to 8/1949
Joseph Nagas 8/1949 to
Wilfred Gendron 5/1955 to

9 & 20 Pine Cone Diner
Elmo Dunavin 6/1965 to

Nagel's 9 & 20 Diner
Walter Nagel 6/1967 to

 Countryside Diner

9 & 20 Diner

History:   Diner is now in Duanesburg at the Merli Canal Village.

Country View Diner
855 Hoosick Rd.
(518) 279-1566
Swingle 1988 / rem. DeRaffele



History:   Cam

Menands Diner
563 Broadway
(518) 465-1869


Menands Diner
 Teddy Vasilakos 1986 to 2007

History:   On this site, was the current Wolf Rd. Diner.  A few years after that diner was moved, here came someone who realized that here was a foundation, plumbing and such, all ready for another diner.

Halfmoon Diner
231 Grooms Rd.
(518) 371-1177

History:   Cam

Colonie Diner
1890 Central Ave
(518) 456-1550
Fodero 1962


 Colonie Diner 
Dusan & Drogica Bojkavic  3/1967 to 1971
 John Denos + Takis Dikas 1972 to 1991+

History:   The Colonie Diner is one of two Googie styled diners in the Capital District.  The other being the Gateway Diner.  Both have been remodeled, but the Colonie still retains its zig-zag eaves. 

Johnny B's Glenmont Diner
Silk City


Bassett Diner 
 John H. Vaughn 1949 to 1957

Miss Glenmont Diner 
   Richard M. Clark 2/1958 to 1968
 Nomikos Koutouzis 1969 to 1987 
 Antonios Katsodus 1989 to 1992

Uncle Milty's Diner
to 2004

Johnny B's Glenmont Diner

History:  The diner was originally across the road, being brought to the site in 1949. In 1955, that diner was moved to the current site. In 1962, that diner had a fire that destroyed the diner.
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