Diners of the Capital District

Past & Present


835 Central then 1174 Central Ave (Little Nick's Diner)
   Reilly's Diner 

835 Central

Reilly's Diner - Frank T. Reilly 1949

Bill's Diner and Drive In 5/26/1951 - 1952

-1956 to 1974 Nedick's Inc (NYC)

Nomikas Koutouzis 56
Arnold J. Madison 57
Ben J. Blecker 58
Frank J. Wagner 60-62
Nomikas Koutouzis 63-68
John Marshall 69-74

History:  The diner was built in the early 1940s, most likely.   After being at this location, the diner was moved to the town of Stillwater where it became Carol's Diner and later Wolff's Diner.
Previously at 835 Central where it was known as Reilly's and Bill's Diner

1370 Central Ave.

  Helen's Diner
Helen Moutray  -1953 - 1955
Walley & Dot's Diner 

Wallace L. Wolfinger 1956 to 1960
  Ann's Diner
Mrs. Anna C. Bent 1962 to 1963
History:  Can you verify that this building wa a diner, and not a storefront or stick built diner?

1767 Central Ave.(Edie's)

  Edie's Diner
Lottie & Francis L. Altman  2/1951 to 1972
Joan & John Greer 10/1966
Steve Lessis  1973 
Takis Dikas 1974 to 1976 
Nick Shevis 1977 to 1980

History:  The diner was always called Edie's Diner.  Please contribute to the history of this diner.  Your voice helps keep this diner alive.

2044 Central Ave.

  Mohawk Diner
Wm. H. Coleman -1953 1957

History:  This diner is believed to be a Bixler.  This would place the age of the Mohawk Diner back to the 1930s.

2169 Central Ave.

  Joe's Diner
Joseph W. Farrugia   1955 to 1957
Joseph Logan 1958 to 1960 
  Red Coach Diner
Frank & Irene Maliszewski(Mally)  2/1960 to 1962 
  Betty's Diner
Elizabeth H. Basher 1963
Andrew Sugarick 1963
Richard Chandler 1963
  Albany Schenectady Diner
Andrew Sugarick 1965
  Tiny's Diner
Benair Pomeroy 1966 
  Ever-Ready Diner
James G. Perkins 1968 to 1969
  Pete & Pearl's Diner
Frank P. Mally 1971
  Cottage Diner
Cora Nedeau 1972 
Daniel Mulvanee 1973

History:  This was the former Voigt's Diner from Rensselaer.

214 Columbia Tpke. (Pat & Bob's)

  Pat & John's Diner
John Scheen + P. & J. Carpinello 1949 to 1955
Patsy & John Carpinello 3/31/1955 to 1965
  Pat & Bob's Diner 
 Mary & Robert Carpinello 1967 to 1981

History: This diner is now in New Hampshire.

36 Broadway

  Van's Diner (Wolfert nr. N. Pearl)
Floyd Van Atten or Van Natten 1937 to 1943
George Venas 1945+ 
  Menands Diner (36 Broadway)
Terry & Patrina Angelides 7/1952 to 1974


Broadway & Wards Ln. (Miss Albany #5)

Miss Albany Diner 
1933 to 1943

History:Miss albany Diner #5 is opening.

256 Wolf Rd. (Charlie's Northway Diner)

  Charlie's Northway Diner
Charles W. & Mary A. Bieniek 3/1964 to 1973 
Charles Mahserjain 1974 to 1983

History:  This Silk City diner was featured in the 1980 book, Diners of the Northeast.  In the book, the authors said that this diner was a Trucker's diner.

609 Broadway (Lou's Diner)

Frank Brierley 1935 to 1945 
  Lou's Diner
Lou Dufresne  1947 to 1978+


585 Hoosick St. (Sycway Diner)

Sycway Diner 
Joseph M Gulli 1940 
William Walsh 1941 to 1942
Earl A Sharples August 1943 to 1946
Frank B Sheeles, Jason J Kennedy Jr 1947 to 1949
Walter P Conlen 1950 to 1956
Theo Bienick 1957 
Raymond & Jean Wilson 1960 to 1963


Rt 50 (Thee Burnt Hills Diner)

Samuel W. Curran Aug 1953+

History: A DBA was filed on Aug 1st and/or Aug 20, 1953.  Diner had two devastating fires.

New Louden Rd. (Linwood Diner)
  Lynnwood Diner
July 1946
  Linwood Diner
 Dec 1946
Lester Lindsey  6/1953 to 6/1954
Otto R. & Richard Koenitz  -1956 to 1967+ 
History:  Can you fill in the history of this diner?

US Rt 9. Halfmoon (Crescent Diner)

  Crescent Diner
Lillian & Jarvis Hoyt - June 1957
Louis Parmigiani - Dec 1957 to Sept 1960
Margaret Mielke - Sept 1960 to Feb 1967
  Miss Crescent Diner
John H Vaughn - July 1967
  Crescent Diner
Richard M. Clark - Aug 1968 to Sept 1969

History: All the owner info is from DBA records in the Saratoga County Clerk's Office.
  A local historian gave me the name of "Bladon" for an owner of this diner.
Jct US Rt 4 and US Rts 9&20 (Traveler's Diner)

  Traveler's Diner Diner
Eugene LaFortune Jr - Nov 1941
Joseph Mendel - 1946
Soloman Lasky - June 1946 to Dec 1963

History: History is sketchy on this diner currently. Mr. LaFortune previously ran a diner also called Traveler's Diner in Scotia, NY, which was possibly a Bixler. A July 1946 article mentions a robbery at this diner.  A replacement building in 1948 looks nothing like a diner.

351 Duanesburg Rd.
  Sodium Diner
John Balla
  Tops Diner
History:  The original diner was named for the sodium lights that lit the highway out to the diner.

14 diners

plus, we need to know where stop 24, 25(5 Acre Diner), 26 and 35(Helen's Diner near Shell Station) were.
  Need to check on a diner just south of the Latham Circle

also 1088 Central had a diner called Charlie's and the Underpass Diner

Ruth's Diner was where Lapes Corners and the Clifton Park highway met. (Lapes Corners seens to have been renamed.)  

Victory Diner, Schuyler Bridge south of Watervliet line in Colonie run by Joseph Mendel