Ward & Dickinson information to be dealt with:

Sure Diners, but unsure where to list:

Pennsylvania Conditional Sales Docket info that needs to be checked.

Ward & Dickinson #156 $6400 unpaid

p181 #542 9/17/28

J.R. Curry

Ridgway, PA

33' standard model

Ward & Dickinson #179 $6400 price named in contract

p184 #549 10/8/28 .. satisfied 4/23/34

O 7. Phelps(not sure on middle initial)

Ridgway, PA

33' standard model

Ward & Dickinson 9/19/32 Satisfied 1/18/37 #9494  - filed in Lehigh County

S.C. Hand & Leon M. Cobb


Ward & Dickinson 1/3/34 #10059  - filed in Lehigh County

Claude V Merker


[also filed Northampton County gave $5000 and diner #235]

Lee Dickinson 7/21/39 satisfied 3/30/43 #14050  - filed in Lehigh County

Henry Gunby


Ward & Dickinson 8/10/32 - filed in Northampton County

James L. Dick


Ward & Dickinson 1/3/34

Claude Merker - filed in Northampton County


Diner #235 [ also filed in Lehigh Co ]

Ward & Dickinson 12/21/32 - filed in Northampton County

James McNair


assigned to Charles K Williams 5/15/37 $5620.50 from Lee Dickinson satis 9/15/39

Ward & Dickinson v3 p 431 #5512

4/3/31 $8450

Margaret Moore, Bradford

diner #236


Ward & Dickinson v4 M12 38148

5/13/35 $3790

Margaret Moore, Bradford

diner #210 41'6” w/ kitchen


John Scarse is listed with a conditional sale for a Ward & dickinson in Saratoga County, New York.  

Gard's Diner in Dunkirk needs to be dealt with (needs to be 208 in db)

old Milford diner in Connecticut seems to be a W&D from their webpage.  photo is a small interior, so more proof needs to occur.

Last diner in Elizabethtown, PA that the Kupp's brokered.

There were three diners in Auburn, New York.  Now the question is WHEN did the 2nd get replaced, and where did it go?  I only have two in the database.

1939 - A Ward goes from Kingston, NY to Rochester, NY

Did I add the diner in Reading that was replaced by the Reading diner?

How many did Pace have in Chicago?  There is a picture of #4.

201 should say Hazelton, now Honesdale

Deluxe Matchbooks - These diners gave out matchbooks that showed a picture of a W&D Deluxe model, which seems to have a better record of being an actual W&D

Short time list:

(#35)Sharon, PA disappeared after 1930ish

(#42)1140 Kensington in Buffalo

(#20)Tonawanda, NY from Gingras

(#53)Erie, PA - Never figured out what happened ot DelPorto's diner.

Sacramento and other Oakland diner never shoed up in city dirs.

Toronto, Ontario - As many as 8 of the diners disappeared.

Gowanda, New York - Wesson's Main Diner was a Ward, but was quickly replaced by much larger on-site.

Second diner in Tulsa, Oklahoma only lasted roughly one year.

Rochester, New York:  412 State(Alva A Wells) 1928;  156-158 N Clinton(Donald Van Tassel) 1927-1928

Rutland, VT

Thomas T Walsh 6 Wales 1929; bankrupt in 1930 and Ward & Dickinson was listed as a creditor

Miss Rutland Diner - A Alfred Rabidou - 8 Wales 1930;  Delore A Geno 1932