Diner Number
Diner Location
and owners
Extra InfoEmployees
Diner # 57
From: 1926-04-16
To: 1927-05-00
Cost: $6500

Cleveland, OH

Ohio Dining Car Corp.
8th of 10 cars
Diner # 57
From: 1927-06-03
To: 1932-00-00
Cost: $4000
Main at Kendall Stat
Silver Creek, NY

Kendall Refining Co.
postcards. Kendall traded this diner towards car #244
Diner # 57
From: 1932-05-12
To: 0000-00-00
Cost: $3000

Irving, NY

Veva Lewis
Veva lived at 22 Buffalo St in Silver Creek, or this is where the diner went to, unsure.
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