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Intro: Skidmore Band
Interlude: Antony Raijekov
Interlude:  Juan Ernesto Gil

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  Welcome to Roadside Radio. On our podcasts, you will hear a weekly roundup of news pertaining to all things roadside.  Besides news, we also have commentary and a weekly review of the postings on RoadsideFans, which is quickly becoming the premier place to go for roadside related news.  We will also report on any news stories that have appeared in newspapers that pertain to our subjects.

    We also will cover various events happening in New York state, and will typically focus on one or two events/regions each week.   We are always looking for that unique place to visit, or just reminding you about a popular festival or place to visit.  We are located in New York state, but are not constrained by the state's boundaries in any way.

    As always, if there is any news that we missed, or if you have questions about anything that you heard here, please feel free to contact us.

- Roadside Radio

Starting August we will probably go to a 15 minute a week format with a ONE HOUR monthly show with guest commentaries and interviews!



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