Silver Creek Times (Aug 2,1923 - 1935: Dates of Existance)
Aug 2  : The Lunch car at Angola is being managed by Art Shattuck
Oct 18 : William Jones is night clerk at Rich lunch car
Jan 31 : Earl Richardson completed a fine new car for Howard Chapman & Charles Hoeffner recently.  They will take it to Falconer.
July 17 : Mr. & Mrs. Neil Paul spent several days this week motoring in search of a suitable location for their lunch car.
Aug 21 : Howard Chapman sells his interest to Charles Hoeffner.
Sept 11 : Clem Yonk is operating a lunch car in Bryan, Ohio.
Sept 11 : Neil Paul left saturday for Bellevue, Oh, where he will operate a lunch car.  Mrs. Paul and kids, Doris and Donald will join them shortly.
Sept 18 : Mr. & Mrs. Paul left Sunday night for Bellevue[would be Sept 14]
Sept 20 : Special Edition. No mention of lunch cars in manufacturing listing
Sept 25 : Mr. Kenneth O'Connor is working in a lunch car in Ashtabula, Oh.
Oct 23 : Edward Root and family left for Galion, Oh where they will conduct a lunch car. [left on Tuesday the 21st] He visited Mr. Paul first
Oct 23 :  Harry Hammond & Robert Augrom will operate a lunch car in Jamestown.  Augrom left on tuesday
Oct 30 : Holly Hawkins and wife are moving to Wellsville, NY, where they will run a lunch car.
Nov 6  : Payne's new lunch car on the Kraeft Garage property will be opened for buisness this afternoon.  This car, built by Dickinson & Ward, of Silver Creek, contains many improvements over cars formerly built in this section, and is a step forward in the lunch car industry in Silver Creek.  Regular 35 cent dinners are to be served daily as well as short orders.  Howson coffee, Smith Bros. milk and cream and a good cook assures the public of A-1 service.  Mrs. George Van Dusen of this place will be in charge of the cooking.  Mr. Roy Payne, the owner, anticipates a thriving business and solicits your patronage.
Nov 13 : Charles Tiedemann has purchased a new lunch car of E.B. Richardson.
Nov 20 : Howard Clute has purchased a new lunch car of Richardson.
Nov 27 : Two new factories are being built on Central avenue, at the top of Oak Hill on the Farnsworth and Chrissy property. ... Beside it stands a large wooden structure in wich will be built lunch cars.  This is owned and operated by Ward & Dickinson, who already have one car in operation, run by Roy Payne on the Kraeft lot, Central avenue.
Dec 4  : Miss Stella Ebling was in Erie for two weeks, helping to get the lunch car of Tiedemann-Catlin started.  The car is doing good business.
Dec 4  : Montford Fox has sold his interest in the lunch car in Salamanca to his partner, Lloyd Blanding, and returned to Silver Creek.
Dec 11 : Saturday night after the dance, two hungry wayfarers, we are told, wandered into a local dining car and consumed the following quantities of food, respectively, paying for the same, which, perhaps, was the greater feat:
  Mr. "Babe" Tucker consumed the following:  1 Bowl Vegetable soup, 1 Cream Banana pie, 3/4 of a Raisin pie, 3 Hamburger Sandwiches, 3 Egg Sandwiches, 1 Glass of Milk, 3 quarts water.
  Everett Meredith:  1 qt. Oysters, 1 Chocolate pie, 2 dozen eggs.
  They issue a challenge to any big eaters to beat this record.
Dec 18 : Howard Dickinson purchased lunch car.  He & Elmer Birdsey are going to Florida with the car.
Dec 18 : Clyde, Elliot & Howard Manning purchased the Goerge Dickinson lunch car at Brocton.  Howard will be in charge of the car.
Jan 15 : The first lunch car finished by Dickinson & Ward since moving into their new factory is now on display on the corner of Central Avenue and Main street.  It is a wonder of modernness and convenience.  It is expected that this car will be shipped to a buyer in Florida.
Jan 22 : Miss Alice Dickinson is employed by Howard Manning in his lunch wagon in Brocton.
Jan 22 : George Dickinson will take a new lunch wagon to Ohio. 
Jan 22 : Robert McCraig, went to Toledo, Oh on Jan 19th, with the lunch wagon that was in front of Hotel Powers last week.
Jan 29 : C.A. Ward went to Michigan on a business trip.
Jan 29 : Park Pierce is employed at Robert McCraig's lunch wagon in Toledo.
Feb 12 : Charles A. Ward was in Pittsburgh last week.
Feb 26 : Charles Haviland purchased the lunch car of Holly Hawkins of Wellsville.  Haviland is from Ashtabula, Oh.
Feb 26 : Mr & Mrs. Byron Legters have a daughter born sunday at the Rhinehart Hospital. (note: This is the name that brought the galion diner to Penn Yan)
Feb 26 : Herman Jackle has purchased full interest in the Haviland-Jackle lunch car at Ashtabula.
Mar  5 : Mr and Mrs Joseph O'Connor are making arrangements to place a lunch car on the H.C. Webster Seneca St. lot in Buffalo.
Mar 12 : Ernest Blanding has gone to Elwood City, PA with his lunch wagon.
Mar 12 : Herbert L. Cook has resigned his position as purchasing agent of the Huntley Mfg Co. effective April 1.  He will take the same job with Earle B. Richardson.
Mar 12 : Editorial.  There is something in the air these spring days which bring business to all in better shape than at any other time of the year.  It is true that business has not been all it might be through the winter, but the spring impulse has just started and we are probably on the eve of the best business in some time.
  Silver Creek has been advertising itself now for two years and is about to draw dividends on that advertising.  The touring season soon will begin and the volume of tourist trade promises to be much larger than ever before.
  The experiment pulled off by Andy Geitner Monday of this week shows what can be done with a little cooperation and intelligent effort in the way of bringing business to Silver Creek.  It is hoped that such efforts will be continued and even improved upon from time to time as experience points the way.
  The weather will be such that the ostrich and alligator park will be under way again.  Mr. Plum has renewed the lease and has already received one of the Dickinson & Ward lunch wagons.  It is reported that the Lucas gas station contiguous to the Park also will have close competition.  Personally we believe there will be plenty of business for both of them and some to spare.  There will be times when all four lunch wagons in Silver Creek will be rushed to the limit and perhaps turning customers away.  It stands to reason that the tourist trade will be heavier than ever before this year, and there will be times when all facilities wil fall short of caring properly for it.
  With four lunch wagons on the job catering to tourists we have a constant advertisement not only for the town itself but for the lunch wagon manufacturers, and we venture to say that man good inquiries will be recieved and sales made as a result of the unusual spectacle of lunch wagons in pairs, practically adjoining each other, in the same small town.
  Let us all pull together and make the place one to be remembered by auto visitors this year.
Apr  2 : George Dickinson will take his new lunch wagon to Newark, NY next week.
Apr  2 : Wheeler Shumaker sold his lunch wagon in Williamsville to Herman Swartzman of Dunkirk.
Apr  8 : ANNOUNCEMENT.  Under New Management.  The Payne Dining Car has been purchased by Kraeft & Schwerk and will be operated by the new owners on and after Monday May 10th.  The Car will undergo a complete repainting and general re-conditioning, and will be open day and night.  To please the public will be the objective of the new owners.  A trial will convince you.
Apr 23 : Mr and Mrs Floyd Taylor moved to Geneva, Oh where they will operate their new lunch car.
May  7 : S. S. Tanner, who has been with the Huntley Manufacturing Company for the past 20 years, has resigned his position and accepted a position with Sharp & Fitzpatrick, lunch car builders.
May 14 : Mrs. Frank Kahabka leaves this week for Kenmore, wheer she and Mrs. Anderson of Buffalo will operate their new lunch car.
May 14 : Advertisement : Announcement.  Mrs. Myrtle O'Connors has assumed management of the Park Dining Car.  Special Noonday Dinner  35 cents.
May 21 : E.B. Richardson & Alfred Smith were in Detroit over the weekend.
         Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Bader have left for Medina, Ohio, where they are operating a new lunch car.
May 28 : Byron Legters and Family leave this week to make their future home in Penn Yan, NY where they are in the dining car business. (Jun 4 : moved)
Jun  4 : Lee Dickinson, Roscoe Martin & M.P. Wilson of Forestville are in N.Y.C.
Jun 18 : Charles Haviland has sold his lunch car at Wellsville to Ralph Phillips, who has moved it to Bolivar, NY.
Jul  2 : Truman Newton has purchased a dining car from the Richardson Dining Car Co.
Jul 16 : Ward & Dickinson's new lunch wagon at depot, has been shipped to Kane, PA for Roy Payne, it was shipped July 14.
Jul 30 : Martin Corbett bought the lunch car of Raymond Schwerk & Frank Kraeft.
Aug 13 : Mr. & Mrs. Alex Sullivan have taken a Richardson lunch car to Buffalo.
Aug 13 : Advertisement : Business Opportunity.  Will sell, owing to sickness, for $2500, a new 40 foot, steel frame Dining Car, in operation and located in town the size of Silver Creek on National Highway.  Car equipped with Vitrolite Counter and has kitchen partitioned off in one end and has steam table, gridle, hotplate, coffee urns, electric toaster, cash register etc.  Location rent, $15.00 per month.
  If you want to go into the lunch car business, this is your chance to do so without weeks of trouble and hundreds of dollars expense in locating.
Aug 20 : Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Smith have moved to Dunkirk, where they have purchased a lunch car on Main St.
         Mr. & Mrs. Robert Augrom of Jamestown have moved to Batavia, where they have purchased a lunch car of Ward & Dickinson
Aug 27 : William Martin, formerly of Silver Creek, has purchased the lunch car at Franklin, PA of Joseph Muscato.
         W & D are are erecting an addition to their lunch car factory that will cover a space of 40 by 60 feet.  When completed, the new addition will enable the concern to give a score of men employment.
Sep 10 : Miss Helen Dickinson has accepted a position in the office of W & D
Sep 17 : Raymond Richardson of Westfield married Miss Winnie Merle Wilson of Dayton, Oh.
Sep 24 : C.H. Livermore & Lee Dickinson left Wednesday night on a business trip to Texas.
Oct  8 : Mrs. Lena Legters and daughters, Jean & June have returned to Penn Yan to operate the lunch car.
Oct 24 : Walter Carr has moved to Falconer where he has bought the Charles Hofer lunch car.
Dec 17 : The Elliott & Manning Lunch Car at Brocton has been sold to Mrs. Fred Guenther.
Jan 14 : Miss Estella Ebling resigned her position at Rich's Lunch Car, after 5 & 1/2 years of service.
         Miss Ruth Ebling resigned her position at Rich's Lunch Car, after 2 & 1/2 years of service.
Jan 21 : Charles Lyman and family have moved to Buffalo where they will operate a lunch car.
Feb 11 : Mr. & Mrs. Elmer Richardson have left for Sharon, PA, where they will run a lunch car which they purchased. (mentioned in Feb 25)
Apr  8 : F.W. Lucas bought half interest in a lunch car from Loren Smith, near the Ford plant in Buffalo.
May  6 : Mr. & Mrs. Wallace Stafford have moved to Westfield where they have purchased the lunch car of Bruce Murray.
Jul  8 : Lunch Car for Sale - Large paying business,  Will sacrifice if taken at once.  Reason, poor health.  No agents.  Address Lancaster Lunch.  Lancaster, NY
Jul 22 : The Central Dining Car is now open under new management of Clarence Hagen & Frank Sharron, Regular Dinners 35 cents.  Short orders and lunches.  Service with a smile.
Jul 29 : Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Richardson have moved to Dayton, Oh
Aug  5 : Mrs. Esther Oldenburg is employed in the W & D office.
Aug 12 : Mr. & Mrs. William and Donald McAndrew are making new homes in Lancaster (unsure if this is for the diner or not, but it continued to be listed for sale)
Sep 16 : Voted to sell Zoo animals.
Sep 26 : The Ward & Dickinson Band of this place played Monday and Friday at the Chautaugua County Fair and the manager, Jule Droege received many compliments on the splendid music rendered, the fine appearance the boys made in their new suits and the attractive program of frequent selections.  Appreciation of the crowd was shown by repeated calls for encores and enthusiastic applause.
Oct 21 : Roy Dickinson has sold his lunch car in Newark, NY to his daughter Mrs. Walter Dennis
Nov 18 : Mr. Carol Bond of Penn Yan spent yesterday in Silver Creek,
Nov 25 : "I wish to entend my thanks to my employers and employees of the W & D factory for their recent kindness during my bereavement - James McBratnie.
Dec  9 : Mr. & Mrs. Howard Clute have sold their lunch car at Ravenna, Oh and are returning to Silver Creek to make their home.
Jan  6 : Harry Hammond married Miss May Alice Dickinson of Medina, daughter of George Dickinson
Jan 27 : Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Richardson spent Monday with Mr. & Mrs. Donald Cameron.
Jan 27 : Mrs. Esther Oldenburg & Mrs. Sam Bradley gave a waffle party at the W & D offices Tuesday evening.
Jan 27 : Legters property is for sale at 28 Ward Ave.
Mar 10 : Joseph Gascon left Kenmore Wednesday for Coldwater, Mich with Mr. & Mrs. Frank Kahabka's household goods, opening a dining car in Coldwater.
Apr  7 : An article about Standard Oil renting out Kraeft's lot to sell gas does not make any mention of the diner still being there.
Apr 14 : C.A. Ward is spending a few days in Toledo, Oh.  Dickinson was in Cleveland.
Apr 14 : Adv - FOR SALE - Dining Car clearing $5,000 to $6,000 a year net., fully equipped kitchen, storerooms and residence in rear.  Fine place for mand and wife or two couples; ample living quarters.  Good help already on job and wagon doing a large business, which can be increased.  Well worth $12,000.  Will sacrifice for $8,000, including good will, car and all equipment.  Call or address Box M. Times office
Apr 21 : Wesley Kofoed is spending several weeks in Cleveland in the interest of the W & D Dining Car Co.
May  5 : The W & D Co. have their 1927 model Dining Car on exhibition in front of their factory on Central Ave.
July 14 : Adv - Lunch Wagon - If you ever thought of buying a lunch wagon, see me quick.  Can deliver one running and all equipped for a price that will astonish anyone.  John W. Slack (he is the newspaper's editor)
July 14 : Adv - FOR SALE - Good proposition! Newark Pullman Diner (Richardson Oak finished car) doing $25,000 business a year: located on four corners. (8,000 population)  Has modern kitchen attached.  If interested, write c-o Newark Pullman Diner, Newark, New York
July 28 : A handsome cup donated by W & D for reward for the best handicap team play for the season at the Tri-County Club, is on display in the Matheis Apparel Shoppe window.
Aug  4 : Roy Payne is moving to 22 Lake Ave.
Aug 11 : Barry Lint & Mr. Pitt formerly of the Harrington Lunch Car have purchased the lunch car at Fredonia of Harry Hotchins.
Aug 18 : Mrs. Harry Richardson and children, Dorothy, Mae and Franklyn spent Saturday to Monday with Mr. Richardson at Lakewood on Chautaugua Lake.  Mr. Richardson is working for W & D at Lakewood.
Aug 25 : Harry Richardson, Hubert Grievish & Samuel Bradley of the W & D Co. were employed by the company at Lakewood these past few weeks.
Sep  8 : Adv - For Sale - Lunch Car in good location.  $2,800 on easy payments.  Inquire of R. H. Payne
Sep 22 : The W & D dining car Co. is again occupying their former offices in the Montogmery Building.
Nov 17 : C. J. Yonk is in Oakland, Ca
Nov 17 : Mr. Lee Dickinson purchased the interest of C.A. Ward.  Mr. Ward's retirement is due to ill health, and is now undergoing treatment at the Ford Hospital, Detroit.
Dec 15 : C. J. Yonk has returned from Oakland, Ca, and is now in N.H. in the interests of the W & D Dining Car Co.
Dec 22 : Florence Dickinson and Wesley Kofoed gave a sleigh ride party to Forestville tuesday evening, followed by lunch at Clute's Dining Car.
 (missing before April 26)

Mar 22 : (Silver Creek News) L. F. Dickinson, Percy Johnson and B.L. Kofoed were in Toronto Monday.
Apr 26 : Miss Florence Clute celebrated the one year opening of her dining car by giving ladies carnations and gentlemen cigars.
May 10 : Sunset Bay Diner - Mrs. Fannie E. Dye will open very shortly, the Sunset Bay Diner at Gordon Smith's filling station at West Irving.  Mrs Dye has been running the Kendall diner for some time past and has many friends among the traveling public.  The Sunset Bay Diner was formerly operated as the Coffee Shoppe in Silver Creek.  Max Luder moved the building fromt the old to the new location in short order.
May 17 : Mr. & Mrs. Theodore Welch have moved to Clarence, NY
Jun  7 : Misses Lottie French of Dunkirk has resigned her position in the W & D office to accept a position in Fredonia.
Jun  7 : Lyle Myers and family are moving to Clarence, NY
Jul 26 : William Jones has resigned his position with the Hanover C & E to work in the Harrington Bros. lunch car.

Jan 21 : Mrs. Esther Oldenberg, who has been ill at the Rhinehart Hospital has returned to her position at the Ward & Dickinson Office.
Jan 31 : Mrs. Alta Reese will reopen Sunset Bay Diner upon recovery from illness.
Apr 25 : FOR RENT - Sunset Bay Diner from May 1.
Apr 25 :  Roland Dickinson is employed at his uncle's lunch car in Albion, NY
Jun 20 : Ward & Dickinson are building an addition to their plant on Central Ave.
Sep 20 : A car belonging to Lester Perault was taken from its parking place in front of the Ward & Dickinson factory Tuesday Afternoon...
Dec 6 : Helen Ward married Mr. Dan Cook on Nov 26th.  They will live in Elyria, where Mr. Cook is from.
Apr 25 : Mr. & Mrs. Perry Dickinson have purchased a lunch car from W&D and will move in the near future to Williamsville, where they will operate the car.
July 18 : Harry Richardson(employee) left sunday on a 10 day trip to Cincinnati