NorthEast League Baseball 1995-1998


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  • Jay Acton, former President of the North East League has started the New York State League, for first year, undrafted players. Click here for information.
  • The purpose of this page is to preserve the history of the NorthEast Baseball League. If you want information on the now Eastern division of the Northern League, please go to the Northern League Page.
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  • the New Jersey Jackals are the 1998 Northeast League Champions. Not only are they the first team outside the State of New York to win the championship, but they are the first team to be in the finals from outside the state.
  • Ex-Newburgh Nighthawk Joel Bennett is 10-0 with the Rochester Redwings. He got called up to the Baltimore Orioles on Monday, July 14th 1999

Northeast Notes

[Notes from previously years of interest]
  • The Landsharks played in Little Falls in 1995 due to Torrington's, CT failure to build a stadium for the 1995 season.
  • Cooperstown vetoed a plan to move a team into Doubleday field for the 1996 season. This would have been the first team to play in the stadium while using Doubleday as a permanent home field.
  • Mohawk Valley and Adirondack's playoff game in 1995 was played in Glens Falls due to the poor attendance of Little Falls even though M.V. had a far better record.
  • The Glens Falls Redbirds led the NY-Penn league in attendance in 1993 but moved to N.J. because this was the plans for the team by the parent Cardinals, using Glens Falls while the stadium got built.
  • In 1986 the A-C Yankees were the only team in the EL to be over 100,000 fans with around 316,000 in attendance, but when they moved in 1994, they were last in the league with close to 112,000.
  • The Waterbury Spirit were originally going to be called the Wizards, but the Fort Wayne wizards balked at the name and were going to file a lawsuit. This prompted Waterbury to come up with a new name.
  •  Relix Magazine, March 1995:  Meanwhile in Bethel, the president of a newly formed Independent Northeast Baseball League, Jay Acton, is eying the 37-acre field on Hurd Road and West Shore Drive, site of the original 1969 Woodstock Music and Arts Festival, as a potential playing field for one of the nine teams in his fledgling, semi-professional league. "It's big enough, it's close enough and it has an aura about it like none other," says Acton. "I'll call the team 'The Aquarians' or `The Woodstockers."' At press time, this idea for the site was still in question.
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  • Hello and goodbye: tenures of Hudson Valley teams - The Middletown, NY newspaper looks at local teams that have since folded their tents in the Hudson Valley.
  • The River Reporter, May 25, 1995 Baseball big-leaguer "O.B." Oberkfell manages Sullivan Mountain Lions
  • The River Reporter, March 2, 1995 Talk about a team going in Monticello.