Dimensions of Stadiums

Club             LF   CF   RF   Capacity   1996 Attendance
Albany          325  400  335    5,500   
Glens Falls     310  380  330    6,500   
Newburgh        330  413  343    3,000   
West Warwick

The 6 teams of the Northeast league in 1995

Elmira Pioneers

              546 Luce Street
              Elmira, NY 14904
              (607) 732-2228

Other Notes
The City of Elmira will be hosting baseball for the 108th year. The seats in the grandstand, were brought to the stadium from Rochester when they were taken out of Silver Stadium.
Directions and City Statistics
The City of Elmira has a poulation of 36,000 with other communities nearby like Horseheads and Corning. This is a great place to watch a game. From Route 17, or the Southern Tier Expressway. you would take the first Elmira exit (coming from the south or east). Take a left at the light which goes over a bridge. Take the first left at the Mobil station. There will be a sign to take another left a short bit down that road. Also, there is a store at the corner. Go to the end of that road, and the stadium is on the right.

Adirondack Lumberjacks

              175 Dix Avenue
              Glens Falls, NY 12801
              (518) 743-9618

Dave LaPointe
Dave LaPoint returns to the Glens Falls area after 17 years as a professional baseball player. Drafted by the Milwaukee Brewers during his senior year at Glens Falls High School in 1977, Dave quickly worked his way up through baseballs minor league system. He broke into the big show by age 20.Traded to St. Louis Cardinals in 1980, Dave proved a key member of the 1982 World Champion Cardinals. Daves career included 12 different seasons in the Majors with a career record of 80-85 with a 4.01 ERA. One of his three opening day starts was with the New York Yankees in 1990.

Souvenie Program for the Lumberjacks.

Baseball in Glens Falls
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Glens Falls has had an Eastern Double A League, with the White Sox and the Tigers. After these teams left town, they had a NY-Penn single A team for one year, They were called the Redbirds and affiliated with the St. Louis Cardinals.
Directions and city statistics
The City of Glens Falls has a population of 16,000. The surrounding area of Queensbury, Hudson Falls and fort Edward make up appx, 50,000 people

 From Exit 18 go east One and a half miles into Glens Falls, right onto Hudson and continue onto Glen Street. Make a left at Ridge Street(9L) and go straight for 1/2 mile. Right at Dix Ave. and go 1 and a half miles to field.

From Vermont - From Route 4, take Route 254 westward onto Quaker Hill Rd. ,still 254, for 1/4 mile. Make a left onto Dix Ave and go for 1 mile. Note that 254 goes to Exit 19 of the Northway. Parking is free!

Rhode Island Tigersharks

                  3499 West Short Road
                  Warwick, RI 02886
                (401) 737-4241 or 1-800-746-7727
Directions and City Statistics
The City of West Warwick is located close to Providence. The city has a population of 27,000, but many more people live very close to the city in other cities like rovidence and Warwick. The Directions which I believe should work. Get off at the mall exits on 295. Route 113 heads to West Warwick, and it is near where the two malls are. Go down this road, past a Dunkin Donuts on the left, then past an old soap factory on the right, at the turn on the right, just after the soap factory, take a sharp right and the stadium is up that road about 200 feet. The road is called Hay Street.

Albany-Colonie Diamond Dogs

              Heritage Park
              Albany, NY 12211

Baseball in Albany
Before talking about baseball in Albany, lets talk about the name the team contest. 115 entries were received. Amoung them were the Aces, Capitals, Running Squirrels, Airports and the Senators by those who remember those golden days at Hawkins Stadium. Also the Tri-City Rippers got the nod a few times in honor of the teams GM. Ken Getsch of Schenectady came up with the Diamond Dogs after listening to a song by David Bowie by the same name. Also the Capital Region also has the River Rats and Alleycats, so it is logical choice.

 As I said, the Albany Senators were a team. They folded in 1959, and Hawkins Stadium was sold for back taxes and razed in 1960. In 1971 after a lot of "talk" the Pittsfield, Mass Senators played one game against the Reading Phillies of the Eastern League in Albany at Bleeker Stadium on August 19, 1971. Bleeker was a small place, comfortable for 200 fans of the Albany Twilight League. More than 7,000 fans showed up early to the game. Erastus Corning, one of the great mayors of Albany said to the people, "Do you people want professional baseball?":. The people responded with a loud Yeah!. He said to them, Will you work for it? The croud said YEAH! Smiling, Corning replied to the croud, Then I will help you work for it!. Hall of Famer, Mike Schmidt would hit 2 home runs for the Phillies in their 4-3 game. Pittsfield first Baseman, Al "Fat Albert" Thompson pounded his league leading 23rd home run over the right-center fence. As he rounded the bases he heard cheers of ":Hey, Hey, Hey!" from a slew of Bill Cosby impersonators in the stands. "I will never forget that game in Albany. The reason is the croud. It is real nice to have so many people come out and cheer for you. With the kind of croud that was there that night, you really want to do your best". The estimation for the was over 10,000 although the official listing was 7,760.

 Rip Rowan, a few days later received a mysterious phone call from Robert Turner claiming to represent an unnamed major league baseball team. They set up a meeting on September 27th and they met at Capital Newspapersfacility in Colonie. Mr. Turners guest was Jim Fanning, representing the Montreal Expos and John McHale, vice-president of the Nalional League. Turner wanted to put their International Triple A team in Albany. Upgrading Bleeker didn't bother the Expos, as they upgraded their Jarry Park from 2,000 to a 29,000 seat facility. And if Albany started their renovations in the winter, they promised the Albany Expos would throw out the first pitch in April, 1972.

 Mayor Corning looked at the proposal and was torn. He had promised the croud to bring professional baseball back to Albany, yet Albany would need $100,000 to spruce up the stadium and another $200,000 for a parking garage. Five high-schools would have to find a new park and amateur and semipro organizations would have to find a new home. At the end of October Mayor Corning said he was forced to tell Mr. Fanning that it would be impossible for their IL team to play at Bleeker stadium in 1972.

 It was 11 years later that Albany would get a professional team. In 1982, the Albany A"s would move in to newly built Heritage Park. This was in the Eastern League, Double A. In 1985 the Yankees moved in and stayed until 1994. The biggest croud was 14,000 when Ron Guidry was on a rehabilitation stint and pitched 3 innings. Albany Diamond Dogs Souvenir Yearbook

Directions and city statistics
The park is located in the township of Colonie, with a villaige of Colonie population of around 10,000 in the County of Albany with a population of 286,000. Nearby are many populated communities. Heading the list are Troy, Schenectady and Clifton Park.

 From Exit 4 of the Northway, go west on Route 155. You will pass the Airport enterence, go past there on Route 155, at next lights after the lights within 50 yards of the Airport enterence veer left, still on 155. Either take a right onto Albany-Shaker Road at lights or go straight on 155. With in 1/10 of a mile you will see the parking areas for the Dogs. Parking is also $1.25

Bangor Blue Ox

              PO Box 1578
              96 Harlow St.
              Bangor, Maine
              (207) 941-2337
Directions and City Statistics
Bangor, Maine has a population of 32,000. The team played ball for the 1996 season in Orono, which is north of Bangor. The site of the field is on the campus of the Maine Black Bears.

Newburgh Night Hawks

              Delano-Hitch Stadium
              375 Washington Street
              Newburgh, NY 12550
              (914) 562-2262

Directions And City Statistics
The City of Newburgh has rich baseball history with men like Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Whitey Ford, Billy Martin, Mickey Mantle, and the Brooklyn Dodgers Jewels. The city has a population of about 26,000. It is close to Poughkeepsie, who has a NY-Penn team. THe program for the Nighthawks does not mention baseball previously in Newburgh, but is rather entertaining with baseball trivia, comical lists, definitions. Newburgh seems to be trying to use this team to rebuild the image of Newburgh and the feeling of pride in the city.

 Directions - Exit 17 off of I-87. Take 17k east into Newburgh. About six or seven lights until the junction with Route 32, take a right onto 32. THe park is on the left corner at the first light.