Grape Belt & Chautauqua Farmer
(Dunkirk, NY)
[so far, Oct 1922 - Nov 1925; plus asst others]

Oct 6, 1922 : Peter Schneider has moved to Gowanda.

May 4, 1923 : Fitz Patrick is having a lunch car built by Fox Bros. of Forestville.

May 15, 1923 : Mrs. Erwin Chapin gave a delightful luncheon recently at her home on Babcock Ave., in honor of Mrs. Henry O. Smith, who will move to Niagara Falls soon.  Mr. Smith has purchased a dining car of Earle B. Richardson and will operate same at Niagara Falls.

Jun 1, 1923 : A new lunch wagon, which is located on Main St, is the latest addition to the town. [Brocton] (This is the George Dickinson dining car)

Nov 9, 1923 : M. Harry More and family will move to Kenmore where they will operate a lunch car.

Nov 30, 1923 : Mr & Mrs John Knox are visiting Mr & Mrs Harold Taylor in East Aurora.  Mr & Mrs. Taylor opened a new lunch car there on Sunday.  Alsso visiting were Mr & Mrs Frank Kahabka, Mr & Mrs Clark Smith & Gertrude Taylor.

Dec 14, 1923 : Wallace Wasmond is working for Harold Taylor in his lunch car at East Aurora.

Dec 21, 1923 : Mr & Mrs Lyle Cook will leave this week to make their home in Painesville, Oh.  Erwin Cook will fill Mr. Cook's position on the signal gang with the NY Central.

Feb 8, 1924 : Mr & Mrs. Howard Chapman left Monday for Falconer, where they and Mr. & Mrs. Chas. Hoeffner will install a new lunch car.

Mar 14, 1924 : Mr. & Mrs. Roy Payne have purchased a lunch car which Mr. Richardson is building

April 11, 1924 : Sheldon Neebuhr, recently employed by the H. Ernst, has left to take posession of a new lunch car built by E. B. Richardson.

April 18, 1924 : Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Bader have purchased half interest in the Harold Taylor lunch car in East Aurora.

May 9, 1924 : Mr. & Mrs. Sheldon Neebuhr & Mr. & Mrs. Fred Neebuhr have moved to Conneaut, where they will run a lunch car.

May 27, 1924 : Mr. Gascon, with his truck, drew the new lunch car belonging to Roy Payne & Mr. Carr to Wesleyville, PA on Thursday.  Both families left on Monday.

Jun 3, 1924 : Mr. & Mrs George Dietzen of Silver Creek, formerly of Sheridan, have purchased a dining car and are conducting same at Painesville, Ohio.

Jun 7, 1924 : About 6 members of the Here and There card club gave a farewell dinner Thursday evening in honor of Mrs. Ed Root & Mrs. Henry Shattuck, who are leaving in the near future with their husbands to run a lunch car.

June 24, 1924 : ... A lunch car factory on the course of construction near the Pennsylvania Station was blown down ...

June 27, 1924 : Mr & Mrs. George Dietzen have a lunch car in Painesville, Oh

July 11, 1924 : Mr. Neil Paul has purchased the lunch car of Arthur Shattuck (In 1923, he was listed as manager of the lunch car in Angola)

July 18, 1924 : Albert Baker is employed by Chas. Haviland in his lunch car at Ashtabula, Oh.

Aug 1, 1924 : Arthur Wasmond and Howard Manning have purchased the lunch car of Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Carr and Mr. & Mrs. Roy Payne, located at Wesleyville, PA to take posession August 9th

Aug 8, 1924 : Ethel Slack & Dorothy Walker are managing a lunch car at Perrysburg, recently purchased by John Stock.

Aug 15, 1924 : Emeroy Harrington is running a lunch car at Belleview, Oh

Aug 29, 1924 : Lyle Cook sold his lunch car and will continue in the employ of the New York Central

Aug 29, 1924 : Montford Fox has purchased a lunch car.

Sept 12, 1924 : Montford Fox and Lloyd Blanding have purchased a lunch car.

Sept 16, 1924 : Neil Paul & family to Belleview, Oh to run lunch car.

Oct 3, 1924 : Fox & Blanding to Salamanca Monday to run lunch car.

Oct 3, 1924 : Wheeler Shumaker has taken his new lunch car to Williamsville.

Oct 27, 1924 : Both the Taylor and Bader families were renting apartments in Silver Creek.

Nov 7, 1924 : Holley Hawkins & S.B. Trask leaving soon to operate lunch car.

Nov 11, 1924 : A fine looking new lunch car has ben installed on the Kraeft lot, Central Ave, as was opened last week.  Roy Payne who operated sucessfully a lunch car in Wesleyville, PA is the prop.  Mrs. George Van Duzen, of Lake Ave., will do the baking.

Nov 25, 1924 : Ward & Dickinson building a factory.

Dec 2, 1924 : Montford Fox has sold his interest in the Salamanca lunch car to his partner, Lloyd Blanding and is returning to Silver Creek.

Dec 9, 1924 : Walter Callen is operating Charles Tiedman's lunch car in Erie, PA.

Dec 23, 1924 : Helen Ward of Bristol, VA is spending christmas with her parents, owners of the Powers Hotel.

Jan 16, 1925 : A newly completed lunch car built by Dickinson & Ward Co. was on exhibition over the weekend in front of the Powers Hotel.  Monday it was shipped to Florida, where it will be operated by Elmer Birdsey & Howard Dickinson.

Jan 23, 1925 : The Ward & Dickinson lunch car which was parked in front of the Powers Hotel, to be shipped to Florida, was found too broad to be shipped such a distance & was sold to Roy Dickinson, who has taken it to Toledo, Oh.

Feb 13, 1925 : Robert McCraig and family left for Toledo on Thursday to make their home there.

Mar 3, 1925 :  Walter Plum has placed a new lunch car on the lot occupied in the summer by the alligator and ostrich farm.

Mar 6, 1925 : Mr & Mrs. Joseph O'Connors will leave soon with a lunch car to be operated on a lot belonging to H.C. Webster, Seneca St. Buffalo.

Mar 27, 1925 : George Dickinson leaves April 1st with a new lunch car for Newark, NY.

Mar 31, 1925 : C.U. Ubel has opened a new lunch car on the corner of Water & Main Streets.  The car was built in Silver Creek and is unusually large and well equipped and this, with the excellent location, should insure a good business. (Gowanda)

Apr 3, 1925 : Mr. & Mrs. Ed Comerford have purchased the lunch car of Ted Graf at Warren, PA and will take posession about April 1st.

Apr 3, 1925 : E.B. Richardson and Herbert Cook motored to Oil City Sunday.

Apr 3, 1925 : Wheeler Schumaker has sold his lunch car in Williamsville to Herman Swartzman of Dunkirk.

Apr 10, 1925 :  Arthur Wasmond has sold his lunch car in Wesleyville to his brother Walter Wasmond.

Apr 10, 1925 : Erma Huer will accompany Herman Swartzman to Williamsville to assist in the new lunch car recently purchased of Wheeler Schumaker.

Apr 10, 1925 : Erma Huer & Marion Manning were united in Marriage Saturday at Salamanca.  Mr & Mrs Manning will make their home in North East, where they will manage a lunch car for Arthur Wasmond.

Apr 10, 1925 : Jos Muscatto has purchased a lunch car of E.B. Richardson.  The car was shipped tuesday to its destination at Franklin, PA. where it will be run by Charles & Michael Muscatto.

Apr 24, 1924 : Mr & Mrs. George Dickinson have moved to Newark, NY where they have a new dining car. (Brocton)

Apr 28, 1925 : Herbert Cook found business in Erie, Pa on Wednesday.

Apr 28, 1925 : Mr. & Mrs. Harold Taylor left Friday night for Geneva, Oh.  Their newly completed lunch car was shipped on Wednesday.

Apr 28, 1925 : E.B. Richardson spent this past week in Newark, NY. helping George Dickinson install his new lunch car.

May 1, 1925 : S.S. Tanner resigned his position held for the past 20 years with the Huntley Manufacturing Co. and began work Monday building lunch cars for Sharp & Fitzpatrick

May 5, 1925 : E.B. Richardson is building a lunch car for Mrs. Frank Kahabka to be placed at Kenmore.

May 5, 1925 : Alfred Smith, Mather Morse, William Walstrum & E.B. Richardson have spent the past few days at Penn Yan, where they are installing a lunch car for Barney Lechter (sp. Byron Legter).  The kitchen for the car is being built by these men underneith the lunch car.

May 12, 1925 : The carpenter gang of the Nickel Plate Road, under the supervision of Bob Wasmond has been building this past week, a platform at the station to assist in the loading of lunch cars.

May 21, 1925 : Frank Kahabka spent the weekend at Kenmore where Mrs. Kahabka began last week managing a lunch car.

May 29, 1925 : Roy Payne is managing a lunch car at Batavia for Dickinson & Ward.

June 9, 1925 : Mr. Earl Richardson, a resident of this village & Silver Creek, died on the operating table at a Buffalo Hospital early sunday morning.

June 9, 1925 : Charles Haviland has sold his lunch car at Wellsville, to Ralph Phillips who has moved the car to Bolivar, NY.

Earl B. Richardson succumbs following  operation in Buffalo Hospital.

  Silver Creek, June 9 - Earl B. Richardson, for the past thirteen years a resident of Silver Creek, passed away early Sunday morning at the General Hospital, Buffalo.
Mr. Richardson, who has been ill since Thursday and was rushed to the hosppital on Saturday did not survive the operation for appendicitis.
The body has been taken to Westfield, his former home where lives his wife and two children, Raymond, 23 years and Doris, 19.
Mr. Richardson who was 52, years of age occupied an improtant place in the business life of the village.  He has sucessfully operated a lunch car here for thirteen years and during the past four years, has manufactured lunch cars, building at his new factory on Hawkins Street, twenty-six cars this past year.
Besides this, Mr. Richardson has helped many young men in a business way and assisted in giving an education to several of the young people.  He was very popular with the business men and a member of the Moose, Odd Fellows and Masonic Lodges.

June 26, 1925 : Arthur Wasmond has sold his lunch car at Northeast, to his partner, Marian Manning.

Aug 11, 1925 : Roy C. Payne arrived by motor Tuesday, returning to Kane, PA when he operates a lunch car on Wednesday, accompanied by his son Wilson.

Aug 21, 1925 : Jos Muscato has sold his lunch car at Franklin, Pa to William Martin, formerly of Silver Creek.

Aug 25, 1925 : Alfred Smith has purchased the lunch car on Main St. in Dunkirk.

Oct 2, 1925 : Ward & Dickinson, manufacturers of lunch cars are completing an addition to their factory on Central Ave.  The addition is about 2/3rds of the original building.

Nov 13, 1925 : SILVER CREEK HAS FINE CELEBRATION  - Armistice Day celebration in Silver Creek took the form of a flag raising at the Ward & Dickinson lunch car factory on Central Ave.  The exercises were in charge of the American Legion who marched to the plant led by the band.  Schools were dismissed in time for the children to attend the three o'clock service and they joined a large croud of citizenns in the patriotic demonstration.
  The Rev. C. H. dudley gave a very fitting address and "The Star Spangled Banner" was sung as the new flag waved from its forty foot pole in front of the factory.
  During the whole day, the factory made spic and span for callers was the scene of lively interest.  Led by employers who explained the manufacture of the cars, groups were shown the electrically driven machinery, heating plant, and ample store rooms.  Six great cars in the process of construction stood in one large well lighted room, each car in front of a doorway large enough to let out a finished product.
  A completed car ready to send to Miami, Fla., stood in the yard and lady visitors were exclaiming over the conveniently arranged interior.  A double, nickel plated coffee urn, a nickel cream container, roomy ice box and plenty of cupboard and drawer room were all a delight to a housekeeper.  The outside of the car was cream colored enamel over sheet iron.
  This factory which was just beginning its existence a year ago when three cars were built at the rear of the Peter Kofoed shop on Central avenue, has increased so fast that their output is a car a week now and orders are ahead of that.  In the spring, they will erect another large building on the lot and the payroll will have fifty names not counting office force.
  The employees gave a dinner at six o'clock at the Hotel Powers with the employers as guest.  A six piece orchestra was present and covers were laid for forty-two.  There were many impromptu speaches expressing faith in the future of what a sign painter in the factory termed, "The Pride of Silver Creek."
  The evening was spent at the Geitner Theatre where the picture "The Ten Commandments" was showing.

Dec 29, 1925 : Mrs. Fred Guenther and family moved to Brocton to take posession of their lunch car.

Feb 23, 1926 : Mr. & Mrs. Elmer Richardson have purchased a lunch car, and are operating the car in Sharon, PA.

Mar 30, 1926 : On Monday, March 29, Ward & Dickinson, builders of lunch cars broke ground for a second factory, the size of the new one now in use.  Its dimensions are 35 by 140 feet.

Apr 2, 1926 : Mrs Emma Swartzman moved Wednesday to Williamsville, where her son Herman is interested in the lunch car business.  Miss Lucy Swartzman will assist her brother in opening.

Apr 27, 1926 : work has started on a new Standard Oil Service Station next to Nelson's lunch car on Jamestown St. (Gowanda)

Apr 27, 1926 : Mr. & Mrs. Wallace Stafford have purchased the lunch car at Westfield of Bruce Murray & will take posession within a week.
  Clem Yonk has purchased the Rich Lunch Car on Central Ave & taken posession.  Mr. yonk was formerly proprieter of Powers Hotel.  He recently sold a very prosperous lunch car at Bryan, Ohio.

Apr 30, 1926 : Mr. & Mrs. J.F. Willson of Forest Place, Fredonia, spent the weekend with their son George, who has recently opened a new lunch car at Bailey & Kensington Ave. Buffalo (Fredonia)

May 4, 1926 : The Standard Oil Company is putting a new gasoline station on Jamestown St., next to Nelson's lunch car.  The new station will be the 8th on this one street, between Sand Hill and the bridge over the crek. (Gowanda)

May 18, 1926 : Mr. C. J. Yonk who has purchased the Rich Dining Car, has painted the exterior of the car and is building a kitchen at the rear of the car.  This Mr. Rich will equip with modern cooking facilities.

July 2, 1926 : Laaura Beck left Thursday for Springville(Springfield), Ohio, where she has a position in a lunch car.
  Franklyn Richardson had an extended visit to Sharon, PA, guests of Mr. & Mrs. Elmer Richardson.
  For Sale - Dining Car, nearly new, doing good business.  Location : Franklin, PA.  Price Right.  Write Greenfield & Martin, Greenville, PA

Jul 23, 1926 : Laura Beck married Joseph Holtz of Dunkirk in Springfield, Ohio.

Aug 6, 1926 : Mrs. Esther Oldenburg is employed at W&D as a bookkeeper.

Aug 10, 1926 : Mather Morse left Wednesday for Dayton, Ohio where he is employed in the Rich Dining Car Factory, which has been moved there from Silver Creek.

Oct 19, 1926 : Roy Dickinson has sold his lunch car in Newark to his daughter, Mrs. Walter Dennis.

Dec 3, 1926 : Mr. & Mrs. Howard Clute and Peter Clute have returned from Ravenna, Ohio to mmake their home here once more.  Mr. Clute has sold his lunch car.

Dec 31, 1926 : The firm of Ward & Dickinson remembered their employees on christmas with a turkey for each one.  The foremen & office help were given very substantial checks as Christmas gifts.

Dec 31, 1926 : Mr & Mrs. Philip Diefenbach are leaving next week to make their home in Dayton, Ohio.

Mar 18, 1927 : Clem Yonk has sold his dining car on Central Ave. to the Harrington Bros., who take posession April 1st.

Apr 8, 1927 : Silver Creek, April 6.  Damage at $30,000 was done to the Montgomery Building.  ... the loss ... entire equipment of the Ward & Dickinson offices. ... Lee F. Dickinson of the dining car company said his concern would immediately move one of its lunch cars to the business district and until other arrangements can be made, will conduct their office business in the car.

Apr 22, 1927 : Wesley Kofoed is spending several weeks in Cleveland in the interest of the Ward & Dickinson dining car co.

May 3, 1927 : Ward & Dickinson have taken on a larger force at their factory to finish 10 dining cars for immediate delivery to a Toronto Company

June 14, 1927 : Alfreda Mueinghouse who has been employed in the Ward & Dickinson office, left Friday for N.Y., where she has accepted a position as a private secretary.

July 1, 1927 : New Modern Dining Car at Factory, at reduced price.  For information: C.W. Hammond, Silver Creek, NY

July 29, 1927 : Frank Sharron has discontinued his lunch car on Central Ave.

Jan 17, 1928 : Mr. & Mrs. Val Manwaring, formerly of this city, are in Erie, PA, where they are managing a dining car (Dunkirk)

Feb 1, 1928 : For Sale, Lunch Car, 2 yrs old. Price $2,700 if taken at once, easy terms.  Inquire R.H. Payne.

Feb 17, 1928 : For Sale - Dining Car, weekly business from $500 to $600.  Dailey's Dining Car. 1109 Peach St. Erie, PA.