Springfield Royal Diner
History - The Royal Diner started at 516 Albany St. in Kingston around 1956.  It was built by the Mahony Co., who bought the contents of the O'Mahony Co. when they closed shop, due to debts.  Some years later in 1967, it was moved up on NY Rt 28, just outside of Kingston, on the way into the Catskills. The diner has been owned by the Konjas and Papleonardos families since 1961.  It stayed there until 2003 when it was closed, and moved to Springfield, VT, to become the Springfield Royal Diner at a Corvette Museum.  The diner does serve food. In September 2007, the diner was closed but has since reopened.

History - The Mayfair Diner started out in Elmira.  The diner definately seems to have an additional amount of room added on hte left side.  Some speculate that the diner was a reconditioned diner, which was expanded in the Kullman factory.  Sometime in the 1960's, the diner was moved to Vestal on what was then Rt 17.  The diner was placed on a small ridge, so that it was difficult to see, if you were traveling east.  Later, the diner was called the Village chef, and covered over so completely, that one could not tell it was a diner from the outside, until the building was slated for demolition.  The diner was saved by the American Diner Museum and sold to a gentleman in New Hampshire, where its fate, unfortunately, is uncertain.

Plain Jane's Diner

Courtesy Glenn Wells
History - The former Bells Pond Diner sat at the corner of NY Rt 82 and US Rt 9 a few miles southeast of Hudson.  It is even possible that this diner replaced an older diner, as the 1940 phonebook shows a Bells Pond Diner doing business.  This diner was bought in the 90s and moved to Rumney, NH and did business as Glory Jean's Diner.

History - The former Wolff's Diner that once sat on US Rt 4 just a little south of the entrance to the Saratoga State Park.  Before this, its history is cloudy.  It's been told that the diner sat in Albany, near the Palace Theatre, but this has not proven verifable so far.  The diner was also listed as a Fodero, but this could be wrong, as it shows many trails held by a Kullman.  Even more, Richard Gutman has supplied a picture of a 1949 DeRaffele that looks strikingly similar.  Today, it sits in Wellborn/College Station, Texas, doing business as Hullabaloo's Diner.  The diner also gained recognition on the Food Network's Diner Drive-Ins and Dives."

Kim's Classic Diner
History - The former Greenville Diner did business on US Rt 6 a little east of Port Jervis.  This diner replaced a Tierney, that was later used as a kitchen.  The Tierney even survived into the 90s.  Unfortunately, when this diner was saved and moved to Ohio, the Tierney did not survive.  Today, this Silk City diner does business in Sabina, Ohio.

Miss Wakefield Diner

Courtesy Glenn Wells
History - The former Bob & Pat's Diner on the Columbia Turnpike (US Rts 9 & 20) just outside of Rensselaer is now in Wakefield, N.H.  This diner is an O'Mahony.

History - The former Garden of Eatin came from Fulton and now sits in DinerLand on MI RT 39 in Michigan.  The diner is currently being used as a bar. The Silk City diner shares a lot with a Paramount known as Rosie's Diner from New Jersey and an O'Mahony formerly known as Uncle Bob's Diner from Flint, MI.
  Now, it seems possible that this diner came from Jordan before going to Fulton.

Gabby's Diner

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History - This O'Mahony diner sat on NY Rt 5 in the hamlet of Hoffmans, which sits in between Scotia and Amsterdam.  This picture was taken in 1987.  The owner had hoped to open it up, until health problems took precidence.  It is unknown where this diner came from, but the rumor is that it sat in Rotterdam Junction.  The diner was moved to Columbus, Georgia where the diner received accolades, and the owners intended to franchise the diner concept. As of a few years ago, the diner closed and is being used as an office for a non restaurant business.

. History - The former Colonial Diner that once sat on Broadway in Kingston is a 1950 Silk City, that replaced an older O'Mahony diner.  "The service never stopped; patrons were brought food from the kitchen facilities next door until everything was in place."  Today, an on-site "diner" does business at the same location. The diner was bought by Arthur Green, a film maker.  It is not known what he has done with the diner. But there is a possibility that it sits in storage in or near Kingston.

. History In 1953, this Mountain View became the State Diner on Broadway in Kingston.  In 1960, the diner needed to be moved, to create a by-pass in Kingston.  So it was moved to Elm St, where after a few names, it  became known as the Hunan Chinese Diner.  The diner was moved to New Paltz, with the hopes of becoming an ice cream fountain, but those plans never materialized.  Today, the diner is in Savannah, GA, run by the Savannah College of Design

. History - The Liberty Diner, a Sterling, sat in at least two locations in Syracuse.  The last location was on US Rt 11, in a neighborhood known as, "The Valley."  The diner was dismantled and sat in a warehouse in MA, owned by the American Diner Museum. It was then sold to Tom Mertl of Mountain View, CA who plans to restore the diner. A year since the news, no further news has surfaced to the public.

. History - The former Morris Diner of Albany was one of two Sterling Diners, in a chain of 3 diners and 2 lunch rooms.  This diner moved to Jonesville and was then trucked to the site of the Shawmut Diner.  It was here that the diner got dismantled.  Eventually, the diner was sold to an Illinois party who has the diner for sale.

Adrien's Diner

picture courtesy Charles Siple
History - The other former Morris Diner moved to Pittsfield, MA.  First, the diner stood on MA Rt 8 in between Pittsfield and Dalton, a place known as Coltsville.  It was shortly moved just outside of downtown and called Adrien's Diner.  Unfortunately, the diner has been greatly remodeled, but it still acts just like a diner should.

Courtesy Charles Siple
History - The former Arrow Diner once sat in downtown Binghamton.  It is a Mountain View Diner.  Mountain Views were popular in Binghamton, as they had an agent in Binghamton, selling their diners.  This diner started out in Vestal at NY RTs 17 & 26 before moving to Binghamton less than a year later.  Today, the diner sits in New Milford, PA presumably closed. As of August 2007, the left side of the diner is missing some of its stainless steel, and has plastic over it.

. History - This Sterling dinette was once in Rochester, before being brought to Alpena, MI.

. History - The former Silver Diner, an O'Mahony was the only non Closson Diner in Whitehall.  There were 4 Closson built Lunch Wagons in Whitehall at one time.  The diner sat near the railroad station.  It was moved up to Vermont, where plans for the diner never materialized. The diner was dismantled and salvaged for parts by Dan Rundell onwer of a 1925 O'Mahony in Spencertown. Dan spent 12 years restoring the diner that formerly saw life in Connecticut. This diner is once again open for business on Rt 205.

. History - The Moondance Diner sat in the Tribeca neighborhood of Manhattan and was originally called the Holland Tunnel Diner. In August of 2007, the diner took a trip to a small town in Wyoming called LaBarge.  The location that the diner sat on is being made into condos.  Even before opening, the diner has become an instant celebrity in the tiny town of LaBarge.

. History - The Cheyenne Diner was bought out by a competitor and closed down. An investor from Birmingham, alabama became interested in the diner after plans to move the diner to the Coney Island area fell through. Currently, the diner is in storage in Alabama as the investors look for a suitable location to place the diner.

.Snydersville Diner in Pennsylvania History - This Mountain View Diner originally did business in Wappingers Falls before heading to Snydersville, Pennsylvania which is just south of Stroudsburg.  The current diner is very original on the inside, but the exterior of the diner has been completely removed or covered over.  The reason for this is that the diner was added to greatly on all sides with extra seating and kitchen space.