Dunkirk Observer
(Dunkirk, NY)

Nov, 1913 A.R. Latimer is denied when asking for permission to place lunch wagon on Union Square.

April 20, 1915 Westfield had a Closson Lunch Wagon in town.

Oct 31, 1923: George Kopp lunch wagon in Fredonia robbed.  He recently bought it back from Rawson Bros.  Kopp was the original owner.

June 3, 1925:  Permission for Mulholland to place lunch car at Main and Fourth

Oct 17, 1925:  William Puppenbroke takes one year leave of absence from Police to run a Mulholland Diner in Dunkirk, on Central Ave. just south of West 4th St. on the Isham estate.

June 11, 1926:  Main St. Lunch Car is open.  {This should be the W&D}

May 21, 1927: FREDONIA, Mr. & Mrs. Harry Hotchkin who have conducted the Main Dining Car in Fredonia for 3 years have bought a new Ward & Dickinson dining car as a replacement.

Oct, 1927: John C. Donnelly was proprietor of the Park Diner

March 12, 1929: MAYVILLE: Harley Barber, who has run the lunch car here since Nov 1, sold it to the Meade Bros. of Westfield.  One brother has experience in the lunch car business in Westfield.

Nov 14, 1930: Mr, & Mrs. John Teft have moved to North East ans has purchased the Guy Russell dining car and taken it to North East.

Nov 28, 1930:  The Park Diner in fredonia will be sold at a bankruptcy sale.

Oct, 1931: Charles Picker runs a diner on Allen St. in Buffalo.

Oct 30, 1931: George Kopp and Thomas Vidal to operate lunch car at 406 Central.

March 2, 1932: The Durkirk Diner, previously the Main Diner is under new management.

March 7, 1933: Roy Nelson left a diner which he runs in Brocton on Main St. and was involved in an auto accident.

May 19, 1933:  Emroy Harrington left Thursday for Oil City to run lunch car with his borther who is from Hamburg.  Esther and Ruth Ebling will also go to work there.

June 28 ,1933: Petition placed by Kenneth S. Powell to place dining car at Central & Lake Shore.

July 25, 1933: Edward Crimons has purchased George Kopp's dining car located on the site of Crimon's former cigar store.

Feb 26, 1934:  Mr. & Mrs. Wesley Kofoed have purchased a lunch car in Altoona, PA and are moving there.

April, 26, 1934: Opening of Powell Diner at corner of Central and Lake Shore Dr.

Aug 9, 1934:  William Bourne & William Moore have gone to Bethlehem, PA where they will install and operate the lunch car which was formerly at Main & Elm in Westfield.

Nov, 1934: New Central Diner now open for busiiness, next to post office.  Harbor Diner is also at Central & Front.

Aug 28, 1935:  Sheldon Neebuhr is running a lunch car at Maple Heights, Ohio

Sept 10, 1935: Reconditioned dining car in storage at 238 Clifton Dr. in Erie, PA see F.O. Reed & Co. to purchase

April 6, 1936: Lunch car at 406 Central sold by Thomas Vidal to Julian Billeke of Dunkirk.

Oct 30, 1936: Misses Marie & Estella Ebling will have opening of new lunch car Sunday November 1st ast intersection of Rts 5 & 20 in Irving. (Lake Rd. & S.W. Blvd)

1937: mention of a Vera's Diner in Irving

Oct 7, 1937:  A lunch car in Steamburg was held up.

Oct 23, 1937: Mr. & Mrs. Vernon Harvey have moved to Corry, PA where they are running a lunch car.

Nov 15, 1937:  A dining car which for 2 years was located across the street from the Cease Lunch Car on Central Ave., was taken to Westfield by Bert A. Maggio.  It was formerly owned by Leo Vido of Westfield, who ran it until spring.  Lack of profit was the reason.  Will be moved to Main road Cottage Camp near Westfield.

May 28, 1938:  WESTFIELD, Starlite Diner grand opening, "where quality rules."

June 7, 1938: The foundation is being laid for the addition of a dining room to Modern Diner in Westfield.

Aug 1, 1942:  FREDONIA, Alex K. Dickson has bought the Main Dining Car at 41 West Main from Mrs. Steward Burlage

Aug 1942: Miss Sally Trost was burned at the Powell Diner in Brocton, where she worked.

Dec 24, 1942: Eric Gulburg received a permit to put an addition on his dining car on Water St.

1943: Cease's Dining Car at 405 Main, will be removed sometime this year.

Feb 1944: Mention of a Junction Diner in Irving

Feb 25, 1944:  SILVER CREEK.  Warren Ellsin will assume management of lunch car at Christy Corner on March 1st.  The diner was formerly owned by Jack Lown and purchased from his estate by Alex Dickson of Fredonia.  Ellsin worked at diner before joining the Army.  Miss Charlotte Foster will help out.

Oct 23, 1944: Mrs. Bruce McFadden moved to North East to take over White Diner.  (also a mention in July)

April 14, 1945: FREDONIA, Herbert Bay received permission to enlarge his dining car.