In the Capital District, we have examples of many different companies that made diners. The companies that are clickable are the ones with examples mentioned of this webpage [aka local diners]. Others will have a [+] after their name. This means that I have listed the closest diner to the Capital District that is an example. (We will change these if we find out that a diner we mentioned has been remodeled). The others are diner manufacturers that we are unaware of any of their diners that are 'alive'.

  December, 2005I've totally ignored this webpage for about 4 years.   There are some new manufacturers to add, from George, North Carolina and Philadelphia.  Hopefully I'll get to updating this page.
  I even got a google hit for "geneva ny diner manufacturer".  This might be for Star Diners.

Also, we will color code the manufacturers by modern and pre 1960's diners. I believe only Kullman and Paramount fit into both categories.

 This page is still under construction...

   Chatham, VI
   Duanesburg Diner
   South Windham, NJ ??
   Miss Troy Diner - Remodeled by Swingle in the 1960's
   Capitol Diner in Lynn, MA
   Belvidere, NJ
   Industry, CA
   Jack's Diner
   Tastee Diner, Laurel, MD
   Metro 20 Diner
   Gateway Diner - Central Ave, Albany
   Halfmoon Diner - US Rt 9, Halfmoon, NY
 Diner-Mite  ---  Southeast
   Atlanta, GA
   Clayton, NC
   Chez Sophie Bistro
   Phoenicia Diner
   Americana Diner
   5 and Diner[chain] - Tuscon, AZ
   Circle Diner
   Dewey's Diner
   Mountaintop Diner
   Royal Diner
   Waterloo, NY
   Milford, PA
   Newton, CT
   Monticello, NY
   Unadilla Diner
   Plainville, CT
   Chicopee, MA
Mountain View
   Gibby's Diner [small version]
   W. Taghkanic Diner
   Empire - Herkimer
   Red Robin - Johnson City [NY]
   Union City Dinor - US Rt 6, Union City, PA
   Brocton, NY
   Matowan, NJ
   Broomall, PA
   Fort Lee, NJ(3)
   Peekskill, NY
   Pittsburgh, PA
   Dan's Place II Diner
   Gloversville Diner
   Northampton Diner
   Little Falls Diner [NY]
   Collin's Diner
   Columbia Diner
   Highland Park Diner - Rochester, NY
 Pacific Trollies
   Buelton, CA
   Maroboro, NY
   E. Greenbush Diner - US Rt 9 and 20.
   5 and Diner - Phoenix, AZ
   5 and Diner - Reno, NV
   Biddeford, ME
   Bristol, NH [remodeled]
   Brooklawn, NJ
 Rochester Grills
   Endwell, NY
   Syracuse, NY
   Bradford, PA
   Watertown, NY
Silk City
   Uncle Milty's Glenmont Diner
   Prospect Mountain Diner
   Blue Benn Diner
   Martinville Chief Diner
   Millerton Village Diner
   Historic Village Diner
   Mayville, NY
 Space Master
   Visalia, CA
 Starlite  ---  Southeast
   Middleboro, MA
   Lavale, MD
   Newark, NY
   Wellsboro Diner - US Rt 6 Wellsboro, PA
   Danny's Diner Binghamton
    Sterling Dinette
   Lisbon, OH
   Jersey City, NJ
 Sterling Steamliner
   My Tin Man - fire
   Modern Diner - Pawtucket, RI
   Salem, MA
   Reading, PA
   Wildwood Diner - Wildwood, PA
   Milford, CT
   Elmsford, NY
   Cairo, NY
   Pittsburgh, PA
   Providence, RI
 Triad Building Systems
Interurban and other Trolley cars
   Inga's Diner
   Silver Diner - Schenectady
   Towson, MD
 USA Diners  ---  Overseas
   Boone, NC
 Valentine  ---  Midwest
   Columbus, OH
   Cleveland, OH
Ward and Dickinson  ---  Western NY
   Miss Port Henry Diner
   E. Syracuse
Worcester  ---  New England
   Bolton Service Diner
   Miss Adams Diner