This picture is the inside of the end of the counter.  The outside of the end of the counter is on your right.

  This is just a simple interior photo, looking to the end whre the counter will go to.  If you see the ends of the roof, you will se how the minor water damage has helped to peel the paint in some places.

  This is a view from behind the counter.  It shows how the counter is just a skeleton right now.  It also shows the front of the counter laying against the wall.

  This shows the original floor on the diner.  The original floor was linoleum.  The pieces by the door, are newer, as they must have been replacements at one time.  These newer pieces also show water damage.  The original pieces also show many nail holes from the oak flooring being put it it, at one time.  These pieces of linoleum can not be more than an eigthth of an inch in thickness.

  This is looking at the front end of the diner, on the end with the counter.  The wainscoting has been removed on the end of the inside wall, and is still ther on the front inside of the diner.  On the floor, in the top left hand corner, is the area where the wheel used to be.  The green wainscoting in the bottom left corner of the picture is the front of the counter, laying against the wall.