Diners of Scotia


History:  Originally, records show that the diner was a Ward & Dickinson Diner.  The picture of the diner when it was Newman's Elite Diner shows a barrel roofed diner, so either the diner was greatly remodeled, or a new diner was brought in.   Elite Lunch 44 Mohawk Ave
William L. Fitzpatrick  1928 to 1940
  Newman's Elite Diner
Bernal E. Newman 1945 to 1947
  Scotia Diner 36 Mohawk
William Lamb + William Blair 1949
William & Goldie Velett 1952 to 1957+
History:   Traveler's Diner 120 Mohawk
Eugene T. LaFortune 1935 to 1940
  Harry's Diner 
Harry R. Accurso 1945 
  Gibbon's Diner 
John F. Gibbons 1947 to 1954+